Hoya Pubicalyx ‘Pink Slver’

Hoya Pubicalyx ‘Pink Slver’

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Hoya Pubicalyx is a fast-growing plant that is native to the Philippines.  The plant likes to grow in a warm and humid environment.  Also known as wax plant.  The leaves feel thick and have a glossy green color with silver splashes on them. 


Plant Size for Sale:

A cutting with 3 leaves.   Plant cuttings can then be rooted in water before planting them in a growing medium of your choice.  We usually take fresh cuttings before shipping.  This way, we can provide healthy cuttings with enough time to allow the cut ends to dry (callus).


Plant Care

Light: medium to bright indirect light

Water: Water thoroughly when top 1-2 inches of soil dries out



  • Plants are shipped in sphagnum moss via Priority Mail.
  • We do not accept returns but feel free to contact us with any concerns up to 2 days after receiving your plant.

Note: Like many other plants, Philodendrons can be toxic to animals and humans if ingested.  Please keep it away from pets and children. 


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