making aroid mix with only 4 ingredients

4 Ingredient Super Chunky Potting Mix for most Aroid Plants

  1. Coco coir is a popular growing medium for tropical plants including plants from the Araceae family and for a very good reason. Coco coir provides excellent water retention providing your tropical plants with the moisture they desperately need when kept indoors. While it retains moisture, coco coir also has good drainage properties as it allows excess water to drain away.  This prevents the plant’s roots from sitting in water which can lead to root rot.  The best thing about coco coir is that it’s sustainable and renewable.  Hence coco coir is an eco-friendly choice as it is a byproduct of the coconut industry and therefore reduces waste.  Plus, coco coir doesn’t break down as quickly as some other organic materials and has natural antifungal properties that can help protect the plants from soil-borne diseases.  Coco coir is also very versatile as it comes in various forms like coco coir bricks, coco coir loose fibers, or coco coir chips of various sizes.  The different sizes can help you provide aeration to the root zone so that the roots can have access to oxygen.

  2. Orchid bark is a popular choice for potting tropical plants like orchids. Orchid bark is an excellent growing medium component for aeration and drainage due to its coarse texture. Its pH is neutral, which is good since some tropical plants prefer slightly acidic to neutral pH levels. Furthermore, orchid bark can provide some sort of support as epiphytic plants tend to attach their roots to three barks in their natural habitat. Orchid bark can serve as a similar substrate that allows these plant roots to anchor themselves securely.  The good thing about orchid bark is that it is light weight unlike the trees these plants are used to growing on.   Orchid bark is also available in various sizes so that you can customize your potting mix composition.

  3. Activated charcoal or activated carbon is an excellent odor and toxin absorbent. Its high surface area with tiny pores makes it highly effective at absorbing many impurities from the potting mix. Activated charcoal is also great at preventing fungi and mold growth.  Activated charcoal can also be found in different sizes so it can also help improve soil aeration.

  4. Perlite is a lightweight porous material made of expanded volcanic glass. It helps balance the pH in the soil. It is commonly used in potting mixes to create air pockets with the growing medium to improve drainage. Proper drainage is important to prevent root rot. Perlite also helps with aeration, so the roots don’t suffocate. It has a neutral pH and is sterile, so it helps create a clean and disease-free environment for your plants. Perlite can also last over an extended period so it can remain in your potting mix for a couple of years.

Together, these four ingredients make an excellent aroid mix that is airy, chunky, and loved by most aroid plants. The ratio for each component will vary depending on your watering habits. However, this is an excellent start for any new plant parent growing plants from the arum family.

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