houseplant chores

Common Houseplant Chores

Maintaining healthy and vibrant houseplants requires regular care and attention on a regular basis.  Some of my houseplant chores include dusting, pruning, pest and disease management, cleaning containers, and most important of all observation.  

Dusting is a must for plants as houseplants can accumulate dust on their leaves.  This can affect their ability to absorb light and carry out photosynthesis effectively.  I like to wipe the leaves gently with a soft, clean cloth or a Swiffer duster.  I once saw someone clean the leaves of a plant at the zoo with a Swiffer duster and I have done the same ever since.

Pruning is also beneficial to plants because it can encourage healthy growth.  I usually remove dead or yellowing leaves from my plants to keep them looking great.

When it comes to pest and disease management, I try to be on top of it.  I regularly inspect my plants for pests like spider mites, aphids, or mealybugs.  I also check for any fungal disease and address any problems promptly with the appropriate treatment.

Cleaning containers is also a top priority for me, especially if I am planning on reusing the plant pot. It is important to clean any plant pot before re-potting to prevent the spread of diseases. I also like to remove any mineral deposits or salt buildup.  I am not sure if it helps but I feel better thinking that nothing is blocking air flow in my terracotta pots.

To me, observation is the key.  Pay attention to your plants’ behavior and appearance as they are constantly letting you know if something is wrong with them.  For example, slow growth could be a sign of not enough light.  A yellow leaf could mean under-watering or over-watering depending on the location of the yellow leaf.  If they need more humidity, their leaves will start to roll inwards or crisp if the problem is not addressed right away.  Plants are very interesting creatures. Be good to them and they will be good to you by providing you with fresh air and beautiful plant aesthetics.


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